iSUN3D is specialized in digital custom orthotic insole system ,which integrates "scanning-diagnostic design-3D printing-post-processing" technologies. It can provide each customer with a unique customized insole. The system was first launched by Shenzhen Guanghua Weiye Co., Ltd. in 2017. After several updates and iterations, it gradually became mature and systematic. At present,in the field of rehabilitation and orthotics, iSUN3D has successfully established friendly cooperative relationship with global partners.

Development History

iSUN3D Tech (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd, wholly-owned by Shenzhen eSUN Industrial Co., Ltd., was established. Its main business is R&D and sales of 3D printing-related technologies, materials, software, electronic products, and polymer materials.

Layout the 3D printing market and determine the development direction of focusing on 3D printing-related materials, supplemented by equipment, and extending to downstream applications.

Launched the first desktop-level 3D printer iSUN3D 210, and carried out the popularization of 3D printing knowledge in-house.

Develop solutions for 3D printing in rehabilitation and medical applications.

Launched the first set of 3D printed rehabilitation application solution-3D Printing Customized Insoles System.

Launched 3D printed dental integrated solution.

Became an Alibaba Cloud partner. Integrate the advantages of data acquisition technology and high-speed flexible material 3D printing technology of both parties to form an advanced 3D printing rehabilitation medical solution, and jointly promote the solution.

Launched medical-grade Low-Temperature Thermoplastic Splint series product.

New rehabilitation assistance solutions in R&D

iSUN3D continues to this day...

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