1.Q: What are the necessary products do I need to 3D print customized insoles in house?

A: You need a 3D foot scanner to get the 3D foot models, an insole design software to design the insoles and a 3D printer to print them at least.

2.Q: I already have a foot scanner. Can I use my own foot scanner to scan the foot?

A: The file formats acceptable for our insoles design CAD(iSUN CAD) are .stl,  .wrl.,  .usl. Some file formats can be converted to use. Welcome to send us your foot scan file to check.

3.Q: I already have a insole design software and can export .stl File. Can I use it to your 3D printer?

A: Our 3D printer accept .stl file. But the .stl file for CNC milling machine and 3D printer is different. Welcome to send us your insole design sample to check.

4.Q: I have no experience in insoles design. Can I learn how to design insoles with your iSUN CAD?

A: Yes. We will provide the insole design training for free after you purchased our solution until you lean how to use it to realize the insoles you want to design. But you need to have a basic knowledge about the orthotic insoles design theory.

5.Q: What’s the warranty of your products? What should I do if the machines don’t work?

A: The warranty of our hardware is 1-2 year. They are not so easy to broken under normal use condition. Usually, the machine fault happens when you use it abnormally. If it happens, we will instruct you to remove the fault online. If the parts broken, we will send you the broken parts to replace.

6.Q: What are the advantages to purchase your 3D printing customized insoles solution?

A: Please refer why choose us.

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