iFEET Neo 3D Foot Scanner

3D infrared structured light technology, rapidly scan in 1 second, produce report in 5 seconds

iFEET Neo 3D Foot Scanner

Product Description:

Precise · Efficient · Comprehensive · Interactive · Convenient


iFEET Neo widely used Personalized shoes customization and AI foot health solution, such as 3D insoles printing , Orthotics design, Foot correction rehabilitation, Sports and fitness optimization, Orthopedic medicine, Shoe last digitization, and Shoe shape Big Data.

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iFEET Neo 3D Foot scanner

Product Features


3D infrared structured light technology, millimeter-level precision


Rapidly scan in 1 second, produce report in 5 seconds


30+ foot data, 1:1 truthful 3D model


Small covering area, support external screen display, flexible and convenient

Product Function

It can generate 3D foot model and 3D foot scanning report

Includes Flat foot evaluationand Strephenopodia evaluation

It can also provide Foot health digital archive and AI foot health solution

Smart screen interaction and store management back-end make operation and management more efficient

Product Function
Target Scenario

Target Scenario

 Store of shoes and clothes, Rehabilitation institutions, Sports and fitness stadium, Orthopedic medical institutions, Chain shoe enterprises, Sports brands, and Foot bath healthcare center.


Detailed Information:

Scanning Principle: Carry multi-group structured light camera, collect high-quality depth image within range, configured with self-developed data algorithm to reach purpose of scanning and analysis

Foot Diagnosis: Foot length, foot width, metatarsophalangeal circumference, tarsal circumference, ankle circumference, heel heart length, heel heart width, inner arch height, back height, medium/European/American/English shoe size, toe shape, foot width index, plantar analysis, toe Angle, heel angle

Scanning Speed: About 1 second

Scanning Precision: ±5mm (millimeter-level)

Point Cloud Quantity: About 2 million

Point cloud density: About 28/cm²

Measuring Scope: Range in device glass surface 400mm (length)*400mm (width)*150mm (height to glass surface)

Appreciate Foot Length: 5cm-30cm

Device Dimension: Device dimension (W×H×D, mm): 700×700×460 (Table height210mm, upper support height 250mm)

Covering area: About 0.49m²

Device transport weight: About 65.3kg (including handrails and support weight)

Product net weight: About 41kg (only net weight for food measuring platform)

Hardware Configuration:

CPU:AMD5600Usix-core/twelve-thread basic/Maximum frequency: 2.60-4.20GHz

GPU: Integrated Radeon Vega6 Display core

Internal storage: DDR4SO-DIMM 3200MHz 8G

Memory: SATA128GSSD

Sound: 5Wpower amplifier dual track speaker

Power: AC100-240V50/60Hz

Network: Support1000MEthernet5G double frequency WIFI /BT 5.2 Two-in-one module Built-in independent antenna

I/O Interface: 1*three-prong power interface, 2*USB3.0, 1*RJ45, HDMI HD interface


Production Configuration:

cable connections    one set

calibration foot molds    one pair

touchscreen display    one unit

support bracket    one stand

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