3D Foot Scanner

Intelligent 3D scanning instrument for customized insole.

iFoot 3D Foot Scanner

Product Description:

Intelligent 3D Digital Foot Scanner for customized insole.


About 5-7 seconds to complete 3D foot scan.

Intelligent biological force line detection testing equipment.

Structured-light scanning, harmless to human body.

One-button” scanning operation, no calibration required.

Detecting automatically, such as soles of feet, foot plaster casts or footprint box.

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Product Matrix

Cloud Data Center

Offering unified management platform.
Ensuring customers' data security.
Recommending products indiviually.
Customers and produsts' data assets accumulation.
Supporting companies' digital transformation and directing companies' intelligent operation and decision-making.

Mobile Client

Receiving professional foot measuring report.
Foot health assessment and exercising advice.
Personal products recommendation.
Online customized design.
Try-on service with one click.

Statistic Analysis Data Report

Analyzing feet shape(size, length&width).
Checking and judging feet situation.
Clear and precise data on feet problem.
Outputting foot data within 2s.


High measurement accuracy.
Automatically generate 3D models and calculating 30+ parameters of the feet.
Measuring and assessing strephenopodia, strephexopodia and arch deformation.

Interface Display

The customer can 3D foot scan their foots first . Only 3 Sec scanning, the system can get all information, build precision 3D model and matching it with inventory database or online product list. Also could use the data to customize the shoes and insoles.

Interface Display
Application Scope of ifoot Scanner

Application Scope of ifoot Scanner

The iFoot digital foot scanner can have a large variety of applications for the scenarios in rehabilitation, orthopedics, endocrinology (diabetes). It provides high quality scanned models for foot and ankles, which can help a lot with the simulation of podiatric surgery, datasets creation, data synchronization for communication with the doctors.


Device Terminal


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