iFit Mirror 3D Body Measuring Scanner

iFit Mirror 3D Body Measuring Scanner

Product Description:

Fast · Smart · Precise


It can generate 720°3D digital body model and scanning report, including 128 items of 3D physical sign data, 45 items of body circumference data, 20 chest diagnostic data; it also show the Physical health diagnosis, 3D bone assessment, Recommended size, 4D body shape dynamic comparison, and Personalized outfit report.

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iFit Mirror 3D Body Measuring Scanner

Product Features


Complete 128 physique data scanning and measuring in 1 minutes.


Full stack 3D digital human reconstruction engine etc. several globally leading exclusive algorithms.


Industry top structured light sensor, millimeter-level scanning precision, safe and stable.


Broad application sectors, provide one-stop solution for multiple industries.

iFit Mirror 3D Body Measuring Scanner

iFit Mirror 3D Body Measuring Scanner

720°3D Digital Body Model and Scanning Report

128 Items of 3D Physical Sign Data

45 Items of Body Circumference Data

20 Chest Diagnostic Data

Physical Health Diagnosis


Detailed Information:

Dimension Parameter: Mirror body: 1760*500*40 mm; Rotary table: Diameter 450±2*70±2(H)mm; Total using area: About 0.43㎡

Display Screen: 32-inch high-definition liquid crystal touch screen

Product Weight: Body measuring scanner: About 45.3kg; Rotary table: About4.7kg

Support Network: Wired network/wireless network

Device Interaction: Touch screen man-machine interaction

Weight Range: 10-200 KG

Data Storage: 1*M.2 128G SATA SSD

Data Service: Physique data, body shape, physical change trend, body composition etc. 128 3D physique data

Standard Configuration List:

Body measuring scanner

rotary table

data cable of rotary table

power cable

product instruction

base or wall mounting (including screws)

non-woven fabrics


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