iSUN Gait Sensor Board

Static data and dynamic data analyzing Support medical and sports algorithms analysis

Gait Sensor Board



iSUN Gait Sensor Board

Product Description:

Test the static and dynamic data of the feet within 20s


Compared with the foot pressure plate on the market, our gait sensor board is end user friendly and cost-effective. It can be used to test the static and dynamic data of the feet within 20s. The report result is detailed and understandable.

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Product Features


45cm*45cm smart trail, valued substitute products, breaking the price monopoly of present gait sensor board. 


Mass sensor matrix distribution design, 3600 high-sensitivity sensors, non-linearity less than 1%, sensor 12bit A/D conversion, high-precision acquisition and high real-time performance.  


Supported by medical and sports analysis algorithms, multiple parameters such as foot pressure distribution, walking mode, and step. Simple to use and easy to read conclusions. Smart cloud data management system. 

Static data and dynamic data analyzing
Support medical and sports algorithms analysis
Provide foot pressure distribution, walking pattern, footwork demonstration parameters
Intelligent cloud data management system
Operated by tablet
Understandable report
Support clients management, equipment management and distributor management

Plantar Pressure Analysis Including:

Plantar Pressure Analysis Including:

Plantar pressure distribution map
Left and right foot dynamic data
Stability analysis
Foot arch analysis
Arch elastic analysis
Left and right foot-foot pressure distribution ratio
Front and rear foot-foot pressure distribution ratio
Foot pressure analysis
Heel pressure analysis
Foot varus/valgus


Testing Area 40*40cm Product Size 45*45cm
Max Testable Size 51 (EU Size) Gernerate File Format pdf
Sensor Matrix
3600 Points Sensor Density 4*4mm
Data cquisition Accuracy 12bit A/D /point Pressure AcquisitionRefresh Rate 50FPS
Sensor Range/Point 0-3kg/cm2 IP Rating IP65
Operation Android Tablet Tablet Configuration 15, 8GB RAM, 64-bit OS
Data Transfer USB Cable Interface TypeC
Data Storage Cloud Sensor Range/Point 0-3kg/cm2
DC Input 5V 1A Power Supply Built in 3.7V 5000mAh Li-ion Battery
Working Temp. 0°C~40°C Relative Humidity 10%~85%
Net Weight 3.5KG Color Black

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