Recap of iSUN3D’s German Partner’s Trip to China

Post time:Jan-07-2024

Recently, Dominik, the CEO of Pedcad, iSUN3D’s German partner, officially visited iSUN3D’s Shenzhen headquarters and production center.


Dominik visited iSUN3D’s headquarters in Shenzhen


Dominik visited iSUN3D’s Longhua production center

About Pedcad

Pedcad was founded by German orthopedic master Dietmar Walter in 1995. Pioneering the digital production of custom insoles, Pedcad has consistently integrated the practical experience of professional orthopedists since its inception. The company has been dedicated to advancing the level of digital insole production technology, aiming to provide users with better products and services through the combination of expertise and digital innovation.


As of now, Pedcad has developed a mature digital custom insole production solution, encompassing scanning, pressure sensing, analysis software, design software, CNC production, and more. The data analysis and design software seamlessly integrate with iSUN3D’s custom insole system. Leveraging 3D printing technology, they can produce a more diverse range of professionally customized orthopedic insoles under quieter and environmentally friendly conditions. Building on this foundation, the collaboration between the two parties involves sharing technological strengths and working together to provide users with a more efficient and convenient custom insole solution.


During this visit, Dominik engaged in extensive and in-depth communication with iSUN3D about the development of the podiatry industry and the application of 3D printing technology in podiatry. Dominik expressed approval for iSUN3D’s custom insole solution, acknowledging that the 3D printing solution provided by iSUN3D, in conjunction with PedCAD software, is jointly bringing better and higher-quality products and services to users in the podiatry industry.


Furthermore, taking advantage of this rare opportunity, Dominik introduced iSUN3D’s professional orthopedists to the Pedoffice prescription management system and PedCAD design software. Using data collection software such as scanners and pressure plates, he gathered data and completed the on-site design of a pair of children’s insoles.


After a brief exchange, Dominik visited the iSUN3D Longhua Production Center’s GMP workshop and production management system. He engaged in detailed discussions with the staff regarding the production process of 3D-printed custom orthopedic products for foot and spinal health.


Additionally, Dominik also visited the Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Intelligent Medical Innovation Institute of SUSTech, and some collaborative clinics in Shenzhen.



Dominik visited the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Intelligent Medical Innovation Institute of SUSTech



Dominik toured some collaborative clinics in Shenzhen

With the continuous improvement and expansion of technology, materials, equipment, and supporting software, the depth and breadth of 3D printing applications in the field of foot rehabilitation are constantly increasing. During the visit, Dominik had discussions with professional researchers and frontline doctors about the current status and future direction of the industry. He also introduced the development and diagnostic procedures of the podiatry industry in Germany.


Based on the application advantages of 3D printing technology, everyone unanimously believes that there will be promising prospects for the future application of 3D printing in rehabilitation and orthopedics.


Complementing each other’s strengths, finally, Dominik and iSUN3D engaged in focused discussions on the future directions of their collaboration. This includes deeper technical and market cooperation, establishing standard processes, and introducing German technology to build a fully closed-loop foot and spinal health management system in China. This system would cover assessment and diagnosis, design and production systems, and optimization of product quality management.




This visit further enhanced mutual understanding between Pedcad and iSUN3D, facilitating in-depth communication on products, markets, and industry development. It is believed that with the strong collaboration between these two leading brands, they will jointly provide users in the podiatry industry with more comprehensive and high-quality solutions in the future. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!


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