Joint Sino-German Foot and Spine Health Standardization Solution Officially Launched by iSUN3D

Post time:Apr-16-2024

From April 7th to 9th, the 42nd China International Rehabilitation Assistive Device Industry and International Welfare Machinery Expo was successfully held at the Wuhan International Expo Center. At the event, iSUN3D, in collaboration with German partner Pedcad Foot Technology GmbH, officially launched the Joint Sino-German Foot and Spine Health Standardization Solution!

This solution combines Chinese technological innovation with Pedcad’s rigorous operations and quality standards from Germany. It provides users with standardized full-cycle solutions, ensuring high-quality product delivery while maintaining high standards of service, thus contributing to the creation of greater value.




The Joint Sino-German Foot and Spine Health Standardization Solution are specifically divided into “Standardized Storefront Operation Solutions” and “Backend Standardized Design and Production Processes.” After users complete data collection at the storefront, they enter the standardized design and production process. The solution provides advanced, reliable screening equipment for franchisees, along with comprehensive technical and market support, ensuring partners can start quickly and operate worry-free. The project also attracted numerous visitors’ inquiries and interest at the exhibition.


Additionally, various products were exhibited at the event, including body measurement mirrors, various 3D-printed insoles, 3D-printed dynamic scoliosis orthoses, and 3D-printed cervical pillows, among others, which also attracted many visitors’ inquiries and experiences during the exhibition period.



Picture: President Yan Heping of the China Rehabilitation Assistive Device Industry Association visits the iSUN3D booth.


Taking advantage of this exhibition, iSUN3D, along with its German partners and many customers, visited the Wuhan city cooperation store for the foot and spine health project – Youzují Zhìhuì Fùjù (Footprint Smart Aids).


Through this visit, everyone gained a deeper understanding of foot and spine health solutions. At the same time, Pedcad Foot Technology GmbH showcased their innovative products and solutions in the field of foot health and shared the latest technologies and trends in foot health management with on-site customers, sparking interest and discussions.



3D printing technology has enormous potential in the field of foot and spine health, offering more personalized and effective rehabilitation solutions. Through this exhibition, it is evident that new technologies are increasingly being applied in practical production and life. iSUN3D will also dedicate itself to the cause of foot and spine health, further promoting the dissemination and application of 3D digital foot and spine health solutions through product innovation, service model innovation, and standardization concept innovation. Interested friends are sincerely welcomed to inquire and learn more!”

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