iSUN3D to Showcase Latest Solutions at RAPID+TCT 2024!

Post time:Jun-21-2024

From June 25-27, 2024, the largest additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing event in North America, RAPID+TCT 2024, will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on the U.S. West Coast. This three-day event will feature leading 3D printing technologies and products from the industry. iSUN3D, in collaboration with eSUN, will present their latest products and solutions at booth 2521.



The Sino-German Joint Foot and Spine Health Solution is a novel digital health solution for foot and spine care, jointly developed by iSUN3D and its German partner Pedcad. This solution aims to set new standards in ankle health by integrating advanced Chinese technology with rigorous German operational standards, utilizing a “digital + intelligent” approach.


This comprehensive digital solution encompasses four key stages: data collection, evaluation, design, and production. Using high-precision iSUN3D smart foot measurement devices and foot pressure plates, a 3D model of the feet and a pressure distribution map can be accurately captured in just five minutes, providing a clear and intuitive view of the feet’s condition. Based on this data, professional orthotists will use specialized insole design software to create fully customized insoles that cater to different hardness levels and support needs. Finally, professional engineers complete the 3D printing and post-processing work, ensuring that every product adheres strictly to the ISO 13485 quality management system standards, guaranteeing the highest quality for each item.

3D Digital Customization

At the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to experience this intelligent digital customization process firsthand and appreciate the convenience and comfort brought by digital technology. There will also be live demonstrations of insole printing, allowing visitors to observe the operation of the iSUN3D FLX2 dual-station printer and understand the characteristics of various structural materials. In addition to the foot and spine health solutions, a range of rehabilitation support products will be on display, including 3D-printed orthotic insoles, cervical pillows, scoliosis braces, back supports, and foot orthoses. We sincerely invite you to join us for an exchange and experience!


Moreover, eSUN has prepared numerous benefits for visitors at the exhibition. By participating in interactive activities at the eSUN booth, attendees will have the chance to receive free materials, accessory products, and custom eSUN PLA T-shirts, among other items. These benefits are not to be missed!

iSUN3D is committed to the concept of innovation leading the future, continuously exploring and breaking through in product innovation, service model innovation, and standardization concept innovation. We are further promoting the application of 3D digital foot and spine health solutions. We sincerely invite you to join us to discuss and explore the limitless possibilities of 3D printing technology in the field of foot and spine health!


Exhibition Information:

  • Exhibition Name: RAPID+TCT 2024
  • Exhibition Dates: June 25-27, 2024
  • Booth Number: 2521
  • Exhibition Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center

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