The German OST exhibition came to an end, what did iSUN3D gain from this trip?

Post time:Oct-21-2022

On October 15th, the two-day OST exhibition in Germany came to a close. This is iSUN3D’s first overseas exhibition since the outbreak in 2020. This special exhibition of foot correction has received warm welcome from enterprises and users from all over the world, with a large number of participants. It is a very professional and wonderful industry feast!

It is worth mentioning that Pedcad Foot Technology( the German-speaking agent of iSUN3D), Gespodo Labs (the Francophone agent of iSUN3D) and Orthema Gruppe (the Swiss customer), all participated in the exhibition with ISUN3D insole printing system. The professional technical team from China and the local business team together to bring the users of foot correction industry with high efficiency, quality and cost-effective comprehensive solutions.

iSUN3D correction insole system is highly appraised by European customers

 The German OST exhibition

The German OST exhibition

The upgraded Isun 3D corrective insole system is the highlight of the exhibition. The 3-second fast full-foot scan experience amazed customers who from London, UK.

In addition, iSUN-FLX3 continuous wireless printer, and the new anti-bacteria TPU 3D printing material, as the highlight of the exhibition, also harvested high praise from customers.


iSUN-FLX3 not only keeps the high-speed printing characteristics of the previous generation products, but also adds the functions of remote control, centralized collection, and continuous printing, which can effectively reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, and achieve 7×24 hours of unmanned production. iSUN-FLX3 provides technical support for the establishment of regional mass production center and makes mass cloud printing possible.

Our antibacterial TPU material has been verified by professional testing institutions, it has excellent antibacterial and anti-mold effect, the antibacterial rate of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus is up to 99.9%, and the anti-mold grade is up to grade 0 – anti-mold erosion.


The picture shows that General Manager Mr. Yang had a full communication and exchange with partners on the development prospects of the industry at the exhibition site.

iSUN3D has a great time talking with partners

iSUN3D has a great time talking with partners

iSUN3D has a great time talking with partners

During the exhibition, iSUN3D broadcast live at home and abroad, bringing you to discover the wonderful moments of the exhibition. During this period, we saw a number of iSUN3D European agency partners demonstrate our orthotic insole system. Through understanding, our partners generally agree that our insole production system has a significant effect on improving work efficiency and reducing work cost.

Among them, the team of Pedcad Foot Technology, a German agent who participated in the exhibition with us, evaluated the iSUN3D orthopedic insole system as “clean, accurate and simple”, which can bring efficient and high-quality use experience to users.

At the dinner party at the end of the exhibition, iSUN3D team and partners from Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden had further communication and exchanges about the future prospects of the industry and the changes in the past two years.

 At the dinner party at the end of the exhibition

At the dinner party at the end of the exhibition

This OST exhibition witnessed the rapid development of the spine correction industry. With the increasing demand for health and attention to the foot, the future market potential of the chiropractic correction industry is huge.

In the future, iSUN3D will continue to work with all partners to become an international famous brand and create a healthy era!

Exhibition Preview:

The second station of Germany – K Fair 2022! The triennial international plastics and rubber exhibition will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany from October 19-26th. eSUN bring high quality biodegradable materials to provide a series of high quality solutions for global plastic industry users.

K Fair 2022

And third station of Germany- Formnext Fair 2022, the proessional exhibition for 3d printing technology will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from November 15-18th , Please look forward to it!


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