OST Exhibition Successfully Concluded! Next Stop for iSUN3D: Formnext in Germany!

Post time:Oct-27-2023

On October 21st, the OST exhibition in Germany successfully concluded. During this event, iSUN3D participated independently and, together with iSUN3D’s partners and various orthopedic footwear-related companies from multiple countries and regions, presented an exciting technological feast for exhibitors and attendees.


At this exhibition, iSUN3D mainly showcased our latest products, including the iSUN3D FLX4 printer and iFeet NEO 3D Foot Scanner. Additionally, iSUN3D showcased 3D printed shoes, 3D-printed scoliosis orthosis, and 3D-printed cervical vertebra comfort pillows during this event, attracting many attendees for inquiries.


The Charm of Real-Time, on-Site Printing!

Flexible customization is one of the advantages of 3D-printed orthopedic insole systems. At the exhibition, the iFLX4 wireless continuous 3D printer demonstrated the entire process of integrated insole printing in real-time. Its convenience and efficiency left a profound impression on many users!


The advantages of the iFLX4 wireless continuous 3D printer:

■ Features remote control, remote monitoring, continuous printing, etc., providing technical support for establishing regional large-scale production centers, enabling batch cloud printing.

■ Added Logo indicator light system.

■ Brand new exterior design, more suitable for professional scene production.

■ Effectively reduces labor costs and enhances production efficiency, enabling 24/7 unmanned production.


The 3D Intelligent Posture Health System, Further Safeguarding Your Health!

The iFit Mirror 3D Body Measuring Scanner is one of iSUN3D’s latest products, capable of completing 128 physiological data scans and measurements within 1 minute. Leveraging a globally exclusive, self-developed full-stack precision 3D digital human reconstruction engine, it swiftly constructs a 1:1 lifelike 3D human body model, presenting the user’s physique and posture in three dimensions. Simultaneously, with various exclusive algorithms, it can rapidly conduct precise body measurements and generate user body composition reports. Additionally, three-dimensional skeletal point detection technology performs multiple posture health diagnostics for shoulder, waist-hip, leg, abdominal, and back types, providing a visual representation of posture issues and offering corresponding corrective improvement suggestions to users.


Taking spinal curvature risk assessment as an example, with a realistic 3D human body model and AI-based big data on the human skeletal meridian system, the iFit Mirror 3D Body Measuring Scanner can assist in assessing the risk of spinal curvature. It evaluates posture issues such as forward neck, hunchback, lumbar spine curvature, and pelvic anterior tilt.


During the exhibition, the iFit Mirror 3D Body Measuring Scanner attracted many users to inquire about and experience this advanced technology.


Through this exhibition, it’s easy to notice the increasing application of 3D printing technology in orthopedic rehabilitation for foot correction. iSUN3D, as a pioneering brand in this field, showcased our 3D customized orthopedic insole system, which boasts advantages such as equipment intelligence, fast production speed, and low cost. At this exhibition, iSUN3D received unanimous praise from attendees.


The OST exhibition is one of the world’s premier orthopedic technology expos, attracting orthotist, university professors and students, and operators from hospitals and clinics worldwide every year. This exhibition further popularized the advantages and potential of 3D printing technology in orthopedic footwear. It has also provided us with a deeper understanding of users’ needs. In the future, iSUN3D will continue to invest in the research and development of new technologies and materials, constantly optimizing and enhancing relevant solutions. We aim to provide users with even better products and services.

The iSUN3D Overseas Journey in 2023:
From November 7th to 10th, iSUN3D will be showcasing at the Formnext exhibition in Germany alongside eSUN at Booth 11.1-F59. We welcome every friend to visit and exchange ideas. See you there!

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