From Hong Kong to Brisbane, eSUNMed and iSUN3D will appear with biomedical materials and comprehensive solutions!

Post time:Jun-20-2023

Recently, the 2023 Shenzhen International Holdings International High Performance Medical Device Exhibition, the first of its kind, was successfully concluded in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian). The exhibition showcased the development highlights and achievements of “innovation+high-end” in Shenzhen and the global high-end medical device industry cluster, presenting a brilliant and fruitful biopharmaceutical industry feast that received widespread praise and high recognition.

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Relying on the overall situation of the national Hong Kong - Shenzhen integration development strategy, in order to promote the integration, internationalization and high-end development of Shenzhen - Hong Kong industrial clusters, the 2023 Shenzhen International Holdings International High Performance Medical Equipment Exhibition (Hong Kong station) will be grandly opened in the AsiaWorldExpo on June 20th -23th .

At that time, eSUNMed and iSUN3D will debut a series of core products, and we look forward to new and old friends visiting, and communicate with us!


The biomedical materials industry is developing rapidly, and with the advancement of related technologies and further optimization of material properties, it will play a greater role in practical applications in the future. Relying on the advantages of eSUN, the parent company of eSUNMed, in the R&D and application of polylactic acid, Polycaprolactone and related copolymers for many years, it can provide biomedical materials and equipment processing services for users in need. Welcome interested users to the booth for further exchange and discussion during this exhibition!


In addition, in the field of rehabilitation medicine, relying on the company’s development and accumulation in new materials and technologies, iSUN3D has developed mature 3D printing customized foot and spine health solutions. At this exhibition, the latest generation of iSUN3D customized orthopedic insole system will also be unveiled!


The iSUN3D customized orthopedic insole system integrates four modules: “scanning diagnostic design 3D printing post processing”, effectively solving many problems existing in traditional production methods. Among them, the scanning module adopts a brand new scanning technology. After obtaining 3D data of the user’s sole, a professional foot orthot is used to design the insole that is most suitable for the customer’s foot shape using insole specific design software. Then, the insole is printed and formed using a dedicated 3D printer and materials. The entire production process is convenient and intelligent, without environmental pollution, and the production cost has been effectively controlled.

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At present, the iSUN3D customized insole system has been successfully applied in foot spine clinics and rehabilitation institutions in multiple hospitals in China, and exported to dozens of countries such as Europe and America, playing an increasingly important role in the field of foot orthotics.


At the Hong Kong High Performance Medical Device Exhibition, the iSUN3D exhibition team will also travel to Australia to showcase 3D digital foot and spine health solutions for a wide range of users.


From June 22th to 24th, the Australian Podiatry Conference 2023 will be held in Brisbane. This conference is hosted by the Australian Association of Pediatrics and is committed to promoting the development of pediatrics, improving user foot health, and improving quality of life. The Australian Podiatry Conference 2023 is also one of the world’s largest podiatric conferences. During the 3-day conference, exhibition, lecture, and exchange session, attendees can not only learn cutting-edge clinical skills and research results, but also establish connections with professionals in the field of foot disease from around the world.

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At this exhibition, the latest printing device FLX4 continuous wireless printer from iSUN3D will also be exhibited for the first time. The iSUN-FLX4 has functions such as remote control, remote monitoring, and continuous printing, providing technical support for the establishment of regional large-scale production centers, making mass cloud printing possible. In addition, the device has added a logo indicator system, further optimizing the user experience, and a brand new appearance design, which is more suitable for professional scene production and applications. Using the iSUN-FLX4 printer can effectively reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, and achieve 7X24 hours of unmanned production.

The health of the people is the “greatest of the country”, promoting the development of the biomedical materials industry and the big health industry can help improve the quality of life of residents and achieve the implementation of the “Healthy China” strategy. Two exhibitions, equally exciting. Interested friends are welcome to visit and exchange ideas at the booth. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us through the following methods!

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