At this moment, witness the future! TCT ASIA 2023 eSUN exhibited experience

Post time:Sep-14-2023

 The 3-day additive manufacturing industry grand exhibition, TCT ASIA 2023, has ended. This exhibition was unprecedentedly spectacular, with exhibitors and attendees from all around the world backgrounds jointly presenting a dazzling and overwhelming technological feast.


Exactly! Crowd of visitors!

Some visitors saw exciting prints works and innovative application cases at the exhibition, while others were drawn to precision manufacturing technology. Some discovered the industry’s development direction and the latest trends through inquiries and exploration. So, as an exhibitor of materials, what did eSUN learn from this exhibition?

Welcome everyone to the eSUN TCT exhibition special edition together.


1. Further Enrichment and Popularization of Rapid Printing Materials

At the 2022 TCT exhibition, eSUN officially unveiled a collection of high-speed 3D printing materials for the first time. After a year of project development, eSUN has successfully achieved quicker performance optimization for materials such as PLA, PLA+, ABS, TPU, PETG, and more, further meeting the diverse needs of fast printing users.

In addition, new materials such as ePLA-CF also demonstrate excellent rapid printing performance, supporting high-speed printing.


Fast printing is one of the industry’s development trends, and eSUN is not only gradually optimizing the rapid printing performance of materials across all categories but is also committed to achieving ‘more than just fast,’ ensuring that users can print quickly and with high quality!

2. engineering materials have become a major highlight at the booth

As 3D technology continues to penetrate further into industrial applications, there is a corresponding upward trend in the demand for professional-grade materials. Simultaneously, due to differences in application scenarios, the demand for customized 3D printing materials is also steadily increasing.


At this exhibition, eSUN’s nylon, carbon fiber, PEEK, and others have arised significant attention. The wide range of high-performance 3D printing materials plays a crucial role in the ongoing expansion of 3D printing applications.

eSUN will continue to focus on the research and development of industrial-grade and high-performance materials, providing users with professional industrial-grade material solutions. If you have customized product requirements, please feel free to contact us!


3.The allure of aesthetic materials remains undiminished

Different colors and texture qualities imbue the prints works with a distinct ambiance. At this exhibition, we showcased the appearances of eSUN PLA+, ePLA-Silk, ePLA-Matte, and other materials through a small rocket display wall. Additionally, the exhibition attendees greatly appreciated the iridescent dual-color silk wine coaster model and the gentle matte rainbow PLA model.

1111 DSCF1470(5)

4.The medical solution is top-rated

eSUN’s medical solution can be divided into three specific parts. Among them, the newly upgraded iSUN3D custom orthopedic insole system is one of the highlights of this exhibition.


The main upgrades to this system are the 3D Smart Foot Scanner and the 3D Smart Body Measurement Mirror. The 3D Smart Foot Scanner can complete a 3D foot scan in 1 second and generate a foot data report in 5 seconds. It is currently the fastest scanning device on the market with the most comprehensive measurement metrics.

The 3D Smart Body Measurement Mirror provides a more scientifically specialized reference for body health management, posture correction, and sports risk assessment. Using a globally exclusive, self-developed full-stack precision 3D digital human reconstruction engine, it quickly constructs a 1:1 realistic 3D human body model, providing a three-dimensional display of the user’s physique and posture. Simultaneously, with various exclusive algorithms, it can rapidly perform precise body measurements and generate user body composition reports. Furthermore, 3D skeletal point detection technology conducts multiple posture health diagnostics for shoulder, waist-hip, leg, abdominal, and back types, visually presenting users with posture-related issues and offering corresponding correction and improvement suggestions.


Taking spinal curvature risk assessment as an example, with the aid of a realistic 3D human body model and AI-based big data on the human skeletal meridian system, the 3D Smart Body Measurement Mirror can assist in assessing the risk of spinal curvature. It evaluates posture issues such as forward neck, hunchback, lumbar spine curvature, and pelvic anterior tilt.

3D printing technology, in addition to insoles, also provides professional and efficient customized support for subsequent corrective treatments. Apart from the insoles, eSUN also showcased 3D-printed dynamic scoliosis orthosis and 3D-printed Cervical vertebra comfort pillows during this event, attracting many attendees for inquiries.


3D printed dynamic scoliosis orthosis


3D-printed Cervical vertebra comfort pillows

The advantages of 3D printing technology in personalized customization are unmatched, with vast prospects in customized healthcare.

Furthermore, eSUN’s dental resin solutions and the application of medical-grade 3D materials have also drawn the interest of some professional-level users who came to inquire and learn more.


5.The eSUN PLA custom T-shirts stunned the show.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the interactive event that took the crowd by storm, featuring the giveaway of eSUN PLA custom T-shirts. The event was a resounding success, and everyone’s enthusiasm for the PLA T-shirts exceeded our expectations. We want to express our gratitude for your support!

抽奖2 抽奖1

The PLA T-shirt is made from polylactic acid (PLA) fibers, just like the beloved PLA printing filament, and it is part of eSUN’s strategic initiative to promote environmentally friendly materials. It made its debut at the TCT exhibition for the first time, and in the future, as a mature product, it will soon be available for sale on eSUN’s e-store. Additionally, it will become one of eSUN’s popular ‘merchandise’ , given to fans who appreciate it. Stay tuned for more!

Of course, the excitement of the exhibition is not limited to this. Exquisite prints, sharing and discussions on multi-color printing, and much more… numerous fragments came together to create an unforgettable three days.


This event provides a platform for eSUN to engage in extensive communication with users, partners, and peers and represents a journey of learning and growth. The additive manufacturing industry is rapidly thriving, demonstrating robust vitality and development potential. As a 3D printing materials manufacturer, eSUN will closely follow industry trends, offering diverse material support for the in-depth application of 3D printing technology across various industries and fields.

We are looking forward to meeting again at the next event!


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