iSUN3D Antibacterial TPU Material Is Officially Used In The Custom Orthopedic Insole!

Post time:Jul-16-2022

iSUN3D and Wanhua Chemical successfully established cooperation on the research and development of antibacterial TPU 3D printing materials this February. The material is mainly used in the field of healthcare.

After repeated tests by technical R&D personnel, the iSUN3D antibacterial TPU 3D printing material will be officially used in the production of orthopedic insoles, helping to bring the user experience to the next level!

As a safe treatment method, the orthopedic insole can be used for adjuvant treatment of related functional disorders caused by abnormal biomechanics of lower extremities by rebalancing the biomechanical distribution of the body. In recent years, its application in the field of rehabilitation medicine has continued developing.



The material usually used for printing insoles is TPU-95A, which is a flexible material with ultra-high fluidity and excellent elasticity. The product is not easily deformed, has good flexibility, and has high tear resistance, abrasion resistance and resistance. Cutability, high hardness and good resilience. Using TPU-95A to print insoles has excellent flexibility and resilience which can provide strong cushioning protection and structural support for orthopedic foot pads. And also because of its ultra-high fluidity, it can be printed at high speed. The production of a pair of customized orthopedic insoles can be completed within 30-50 minutes, which is efficient and convenient.

The orthopedic insole printed with TPU-95A can meet the needs of general users. However, users with diabetes or wounds regarding the feet have higher requirements on the hygiene of the shoes. The breathability, moisture absorption and antibacterial properties of the insole will affect the overall treatment effect.

Based on user needs and with industry development, iSUN3D and Wanhua Chemical jointly launched antibacterial TPU 3D printing materials.

Features and benefits of antibacterial TPU 3D printing materials:


The antibacterial TPU 3D printing material has the advantages of eTPU-95A. It still has excellent flexibility and resilience, good fluidity, and fast forming. Different arrangements and printing density settings can be used to achieve different hardness in different areas. More importantly, the orthopedic insole printed with this filament can effectively inhibit the production of fungi and bacteria, and the antibacterial effect is higher than 99.9%. Compared with ordinary TPU insoles, antibacterial TPU printed orthopedic insoles can maintain a better hygienic environment for the feet.

iSUN3D is the first company in China to launch antibacterial TPU 3D printing materials and apply them to the custom production of 3D printing insoles. In the future, iSUN3D custom orthopedic insoles system will further optimize the performance of orthopedic foot pads such as breathability, moisture absorption, and antibacterial properties, bringing users a better experience!

iSUN3D Customize Insole System:


The iSUN3D custom orthopedic insoles system integrates “scan-design-print-post processing” technology to provide customized insoles. The new 3d foot scanning technology is used to obtain the 3D data of the sole; the orthopedist with professional knowledge uses the special gait analysis software for the insole to design the insole suitable for the customer’s foot shape and then uses the special 3d insole printer and the material to print it together, and then polish the skin. And finally obtain an orthopedic insole suitable for customers with high efficiency, environmental protection and comfortable material.

Aiming at common foot problems, customized orthopedic insoles can effectively correct standing postures and relieve pain.

Antibacterial TPU 3D printing materials have begun to be practically applied, and users who have needs or are interested are welcome. If you have any other questions, please contact us. We will also continue to pay attention to the development and changes in user needs, continue to update and iterate, and optimize the user experience. Stay tuned!

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